Design and Front-end

Livescreens |tools: HTML5 / CSS3 / RESPONSIVE / UI-UX (2015-2016) |
Livescreens is a new brand in the TV broadcasting field. I’ve created all the visual concept based on its product motto - “enhancing TV viewers’ experience on all devices”.
Also developing all responsive HTML5/CSS3 coding and the UI system for the web application.

Project Management

addSymbol |tools: ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, MUSE / RESPONSIVE / UI-UX (2005-2014) |

Addsymbol is a brand created by me in 2004 to promote my own work online. Done all the Branding, visuals and copy of the site, the coding and implemented it online. Through this brand and it’s SEO/SEM, I’ve been able to reach many clients and projects, from Design, and pre-press to Web Design and front-end development.

Branding - print and digital


Angels Inn Lisbon - Apartments & Rooms, A Guesthouse that offers accommodation in Lisbon.

I've created the Name and Logo, bussiness cards, interior wall decorations, signage and the website.

The website is still under construction, but we can navigate to the link above to check the design so far.

I'm using Wordpress and Livecomposer, html5/CSS3 for a responsive website that works on every platform and would be easy for the client to manage contents.

Web Design

Livescreens | tools: ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP / UI-UX (2016)

A layout proposal, it was not chosen, but I liked it specially so, decided to showcase it here.

Landing Page

Prossegur | tools: ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, RESPONSIVE / UI-UX / (2016)

Prossegur, Landing page proposal.

Website management

Created the brand, stationary, implementation of responsive joomla website with code adaptation

" has built a solid reputation as the go-to site for reliable and informative news and views on Portuguese football, with its writers regularly requested to contribute to print and online publications such as World Soccer Magazine, ESPN, BBC, The Guardian, FourFourTwo and TalkSport among many others."

Front End

Hexangulo Advertising | tools: ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, HTML5/CSS3 /RESPONSIVE / UI-UX / JOOMLA (2015) |
Implementation of responsive joomla website and HTML5/CSS3 code adaptation

Typography / Book design

Art History Book | tools: FREEHAND, PHOTOSHOP (2003)

Book design - developed the layout, typography and pagination for print (college project)

Packaging / Graphic Design

Grão Vasco wine | tools: FREEHAND, PHOTOSHOP (2004)

Packaging for wine bootle - developed the layout, typography and pré-press (college project)

Book Cover Design

O Papalagui | tools: FREEHAND (2004)

Book cover - concept, layout, typography and pré-press (college project)

Web design

Online Gamming Platform | tools: PHOTOSHOP (2016)

Layout design of wireframed design concepts

Web design

Online IT Services website | tools: PHOTOSHOP (2016)

Layout design of wireframed design concepts